Mason Greenwood

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Manchester United soccer player Mason Greenwood has been released on bail on Wednesday following a private hearing after he was charged with attempted rape, controlling behaviour and assault.

Mason Greenwood

The 21-year-old was arrested in January after social media images and videos were posted by a woman reporting incidents of physical violence.

Mason Greenwood


Greenwood was granted bail at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court following a private hearing, having been remanded in custody after appearing at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Mason Greenwood

The British Crown Prosecution Service on Saturday authorised Greater Manchester Police to charge Greenwood with “attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm”.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has today (Saturday) authorised Greater Manchester Police to charge Mason Greenwood, 21, with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm,” prosecutor Janet Potter said in a statement.

Neither Greenwood nor his representatives have commented at any stage on the allegations against him.

He remains suspended by his club, who released a statement later on Saturday.

“Manchester United notes that criminal charges have been brought against Mason Greenwood by the Crown Prosecution Service. He remains suspended by the club,” the statement read.



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