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ATK Mohun Bagan’s Liston Colaco believes the 5-2 win against Kerala Blasters has been a big confidence booster for the team. ATK Mohun Bagan ‘host’ East Bengal in the ISL IX Derby at the Salt Lake Stadium on Saturday.

ATK Mohun Bagan

“That win (on (October 16) in Kochi was important specially after the loss to Chennaiyin FC at home in our first match. It gave a big boost to our confidence,” Liston told the ATK Mohun Bagan media team.

ATK Mohun Bagan


ATK Mohun Bagan also shed their goal-shy image by pumping in five goals, which included a hat-trick by new signing Dimitri Petratos.

ATK Mohun Bagan

“Our target is to score goals and keep a clean sheet. Against Blasters we got the goals and we will have to work hard to keep that momentum going,” he said.

Liston, who returned to the first XI against the Blasters after the first-match loss, said East Bengal have improved a lot in the last two games.

“They are getting into a rhythm and we will have to be cautious on Saturday. One mistake and they can punish us.”

Colaco said victory against East Bengal is something every ATK Mohun Bagan fan wants to enjoy. “For players and fans this match is huge. Every Bagan fan wants to see a win against the arch-rivals.”

Colaco is not losing sleep over his lack of goals in the ISL so far. “The most important thing is the team is winning,” he said.

East Bengal defender Sarthak Golui had a good match in the 3-1 victory over NorthEast United FC. “I’m glad that we won our last match. We are confident heading into the Derby,” he said.

Odisha FC win

Odisha FC picked up their second win in two games at home, beating Bengaluru FC 1-0 to move to the top of the table with nine points.

Nandhakumar Sekar scored the all-important goal in the 33rd minute. Sahil Panwar’s corner was cleared, but only as far as Sekar. The striker scored in style with a super strike from 26 yards out.

This was Sekar’s second ISL goal and also his second against Bengaluru FC.

Odisha FC coach Josep Gombau made one change to the side that defeated Kerala Blasters. Raynier Fernandes replaced Isaac Chhakchhuak in the midfield. Simon Grayson changed the Blues’ starting formation for the first time.

Alan Costa and Javier Hernandez were replaced by Leon Augustine and Roy Krishna.



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