Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo retains the support of his Portugal teammates despite his recent problems, midfielder Bernardo Silva said as the side prepare for their eighth World Cup tournament in Qatar.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“The reality is when you’ve got a player like Cristiano, it’s natural that sometimes you play for him because he can win you the game in the final minutes,” Silva told the Fifa website. Ronaldo is the leading scorer in the history of men’s international football, with 117 goals in 191 games, but his goal-scoring form has dipped lately

Cristiano Ronaldo


He has scored in only one of Portugal’s 10 games over the last year, netting a brace against Switzerland in the Nations League in June, and only three times this season for Manchester United where he has struggled to get into the starting line-up.

Cristiano Ronaldo

But Silva, who plays for English champions Manchester City, and will participate in his second World Cup, said Ronaldo remained central to Portugal’s ambitions.

“When you have these kinds of players on your side, you have to take advantage of them, although I agree you can’t become over-dependent on them as this can disrupt the team dynamics,” he said. “But, if we get it right, having Cristiano in our team will be a powerful weapon.”

Portugal have never won the World Cup with third place in 1966 their best finish.

“Winning the World Cup is obviously a dream we all share but we’ll take it one game at a time because that’s the best way to win any championship,” Silva said. “Our goal is to be champions but we must take it slowly, game by game. The focus is on our next training session, the match, recovery, training again, the next game and so on. Like that, we’ll get there.”

Conte pat for Kane

England captain Harry Kane will be in the best physical and mental condition when he embarks on his second Cup campaign, Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte said. Kane scored his 12th Premier League goal of the season in a 4-3 win over Leeds United on Saturday.

“We are talking about a really world-class striker,” Conte told reporters. “He’s arriving at this World Cup in the best physical and mental condition.”



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