FIFA World Cup 2022

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Thousands of fans in central Paris cheered the arrival home of a France team that lost one of the greatest World Cup finals.

FIFA World Cup 2022

Kylian Mbappé and teammates landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport from Doha just after 8pm local time Monday and descended from the plane in a sombre mood. Smiling airport staff members holding signs that said “Thank you” and “Paris loves you” were passed without acknowledgement by the team.

FIFA World Cup 2022


Looking tired and still visibly disappointed by their loss to Argentina in a penalty shootout in Qatar, the players boarded buses that took them to greet the hordes of excited fans waiting for them at Place de la Concorde. There, the team’s mood brightened.

FIFA World Cup 2022

In contrast with 2018, when France won the World Cup in Russia, the team did not receive a parade on the Champs-Elysees.

But to supporters, the location of the reception hardly mattered as they treated Les Bleus to a warm welcome home. Despite it being a drab and chilly December evening, several thousands had congregated at Paris’ Place de la Concorde.

Fans let off fireworks, waved French flags and chanted ‘Allez Les Bleus’ and the French national anthem as the team appeared on the balcony of the prestigious Hotel de Crillon.

Coach Didier Deschamps and team captain Hugo Lloris waved to the crowds from the balcony.

They lit flares, waved flags and sang “La Marseillaise” as the players and coach Didier Deschamps emerged on the balcony of the Hotel de Crillon.

In his first message published on Instagram and Twitter following Sunday’s defeat, Mbappé posted a photo of himself, head down, behind the World Cup trophy with the message: “We will be back.”

More than 24 million people — eight out of 10 viewers — watched the final on French TF1 television, a record high.

France played their part in one of the most memorable finishes in World Cup history, even though the defending champions failed to retain the title.

Mbappé’s hat trick helped France draw with Argentina 3-3 after extra time but they couldn’t rally again in the shootout.



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