Jim Ratcliffe

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Manchester United have extended the bidding process until the end of the week in a dramatic twist as Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and Jim Ratcliffe wait to see if the Glazers really want to sell the club.

Jim Ratcliffe

A deadline of 9pm on Wednesday (2.30am IST Thursday) had been set by Raine, the merchant bank running the process on behalf of the Glazers, to submit improved second offers.

Jim Ratcliffe


But it emerged that the deadline has been pushed back until the close of New York business on Thursday in an apparent attempt to flush out more interested parties.

Jim Ratcliffe

Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim were readying their improved offers believed to be worth more than £5 billion as they each attempt to convince the Glazer family to cash in on England’s biggest club.

Sources with knowledge of the bidding process said Ratcliffe remained determined to take on the Qataris. Any deal looks set to obliterate the world-record price for a sports team but it remains to be seen if United’s American owners approve a sale.

The Denver Broncos American football franchise were sold for £3.8 billion. The rivals have agreed non-disclosure agreements, but it is understood both planned offers represent uplifts on their initial bids last month, and follow productive meetings with United officials and Raine in Manchester last week.

United supporters, who have campaigned for years for the Glazers’ removal, are hoping the club are finally about to change hands.

Several hedge funds, including former AC Milan owners Elliott Management, have been part of the bidding process and have been willing to provide financing to an interested party.

The Daily Telegraph

Vinicius faces more abuse

Barcelona: Racist insults at Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior by spectators during the game at Barcelona last weekend prompted the Spanish league to file another complaint to judicial authorities.

It is the eighth such complaint the league has filed regarding racist slurs directed at Vinícius, just this season.

The latest incident occurred on Sunday during Barcelona’s 2-1 win that put the host in firm control of the title race.

The rivals are set to meet again at Camp Nou on April 5 in the second game of their Copa del Rey semi-final that Barcelona lead 1-0.




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