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Monday will go down as a special day for several Brazilian players after they made the World Cup squad for the first time but Flamengo forward Pedro made it even more memorable by proposing to his girlfriend minutes after his call-up.

Qatar 2022

Pedro earned his place in Tite’s 26-man World Cup squad after a fine season with Flamengo, helping the Brazilian club win the Copa Libertadores where he was top scorer with 12 goals. The 25-year-old is one of nine forwards in the squad and as he celebrated the callup with his family, he went down on one knee with a ring in his hand to pop the question, with his visibly moved girlfriend Fernanda Nogueira nodding in response. Pedro was not the only player celebrating his call-up.

Qatar 2022


Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimaraes was seen dancing with his weeks-old infant in his arms while Richarlison’s household were out of their seats and screaming when the Tottenham Hotspur forward’s name was called.

Qatar 2022

Kids at the Vinicius Jr Institute celebrated by waving Brazilian flags when the 22-year-old Real Madrid forward’s name was announced. Neymar also broke into a smile but his celebrations were relatively muted as he prepares for his third World Cup.

Brazil, who are seeking a record-extending sixth title, begin their World Cup campaign against Group G opponents Serbia on November 24 before taking on Switzerland and Cameroon. The squad and Tite will gather on November 14 at Juventus’ training facilities in Turin where Brazil will hold a five-day training camp before flying to Doha.



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