Premier League

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Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta hailed their Derby victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday and called on his team to celebrate every single moment of being eight points clear at the top of the Premier League.

Premier League

An early own goal from Hugo Lloris and a fine Martin Odegaard strike helped Arsenal complete a first league double over Tottenham since 2013-14, with the Gunners winning away at Spurs for the first time in the league since March 2014.

Premier League


The victory sparked wild scenes of celebration on the final whistle, as the rejuvenated Gunners took their points tally to 47 from 18 league games — the most points they have won at this stage of a season in their league history.

Premier League

“I’m very happy for two reasons,” Arteta said. “One because I saw a lot of determination, quality and that we really wanted today to come here and win the game.

“And the other one because we have a job where we are really privileged we can make a lot of people happy. Celebrating the victory with the fans was a great feeling and the suffering makes a lot of sense when you have moments like this.

“It’s great and to go in the dressing room and just feeling the joy and the togetherness around the team and how much it meant for them is special.”

Sour taste

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale said he was attacked by a fan just after his side’s win.

Ramsdale was Man of the Match as he kept Tottenham at bay time and again and also clashed with several Spurs players during the match.

Spurs’ Brazilian forward Richarlison had an altercation with Ramsdale after the final whistle, before a Tottenham supporter seemed to climb on the pitchside advertising boards and kick the 24-year-old.

“The Spurs fans gave me some throughout the game,” Ramsdale told Sky Sports. “I was giving some back. The people I did give it to greeted it in sportsmanlike terms but one fan tried to give me a little punch on the back.

“It is a shame as it is just a game of football at the end of the day. Both sets of players tried to bring me away but thankfully nothing too drastic happened. It is a sour taste but I’m sure we will enjoy it when we go back into the dressing room.”



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